El Potrero Ranch

Connecting You to Wildlife

El Potrero Nature Photography Ranch, owned by David and Eline Haunschild, is conveniently located just off US Hwy 77, approximately 12 miles south of Kingsville, Texas. It is 130+ acres consisting of both grassland and South Texas Mixed Brush plant communities. Currently there are four established photo sites with blinds. There is one morning and one afternoon site, each based on small, purpose-built ponds with a drip and feeders, primarily attracting birds and small mammals, but also providing opportunities for the occasional javelina, snake, frog, dragonfly, and similar subjects. We have a morning blind where we bait for Raptors and Scavengers, and an afternoon blind sunken to just above water level on the edge of a small wetland that attracts waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and various mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. These sites provide excellent opportunities for very close photography of numerous local species. There are also two stock tanks that provide opportunities to photograph insects and other critters that hang out around water.

The current fee is $150/person/day and $100/person/half-day. A full day is from too dark to shoot until too dark to shoot. Half day is either from too dark to shoot to around noon, or from around 1:00pm to too dark to shoot.

Access is by reservation only.

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El Potrero Ranch